Ben Broadhead PT Testimonials

“Ben has a very positive mindset and is able to walk that fine line of giving his clients a tough workout whilst keeping training enjoyable. Training used to a bit like “OMG” but I’m beginning to see that exercising need not be a burden, but a fun and beneficial pass time of my everyday routine.”

Vee Bharakda

“As an older lady recovering from a stroke and a lack of mobility due to lockdown, I have found Ben to be a very patient instructor. Already I have noticed improvements in my mobility and stamina.”

Jean Spurgeon

“Ben is an exceptionally dedicated and enthusiastic personal trainer. He is driven to get the best results for each of his clients, based on their individual goals.”


“Ben excels in a number of ways – he cares, he encourages and he’s always there for you. He makes exercise fun and rewarding. At 40 I’m back in shape all thanks to Ben.”

Dan Giggs

“I love swimming, surfing, sailing and walking the dog but hate going to the gym. I felt I needed to do more to tone up and mentioned this to a friend who suggested personal training with Ben. It has been such a revelation. I feel really motivated and enthusiastic, look forward to the training session each week and even have a program for the days in between.”

Claire Philpot

“When I started with Ben he was really friendly and open to what I wanted from the sessions. He showed me the specific exercises I needed to to work on to achieve my goal. Every session with Ben is fun and enjoyable, especially his circuit class which puts my all round fitness to the test.”


“I love training with Ben, he is so knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help me. I’m using Bens online training programs in the gym and attending his group circuit class every week. I had been struggling this year but finally feel myself moving towards my goals.”


“Ben has really helped me understand how to get the most out of exercise. His knowledge and enthusiasm is excellent. We have done very varied sessions all of which I have enjoyed. I would thoroughly recommend booking in with Ben.”

Ben Wheeler

“I am grateful to Ben for his attention, care and encouragement and I look forward to normalising my new habits, and  getting fitter using his program.”

Siri Arti

“Working out with Ben is one of the highlights of my week. He is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. Ben always delivers a challenging workout that will renew confidence in your body and lift your spirits.”

Louise Hancock 

“I have had personal trainers in the past, however Ben is the first one to listen to my goals and has geared our sessions to achieving these goals. Sessions are intense but can already see and feel results. Would recommend Ben to anyone.”

Richard Edwards